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Category Archives: Education Law

All posts related to changes, updates or new laws related to education in Texas

Texas Principal’s Latest Legal Review

As one of your professors, I felt inclined to discuss with you a present issue that will be more and more in the limelight and thus in Texas School Law and our courts----LGBTQ youth.  It is vital that you understand that you must follow the policy of your district when you respond to any issue. …
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Upping the Stress: TEA Shifting to More Authority and Power

In the latest bid to improve weak districts, charter schools or campuses the TEA has offered a new proposal. The latest proposal will allow the commissioner of education to increase the intensity of interventions and sections. The latest proposed ruling remarks: “If a school district, open-enrollment charter school, or campus thereof does not exhibit improvement…
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Cyber Alert from TEA

CRES is forwarding this notice to its student candidates and principals. TEA received the following Education Sector Cyber Alert dated December 4, 2017 from the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) regarding the increase in compromises of K-12 school employee direct deposit accounts. Information regarding some of the social engineering tactics malicious actors may…
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