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For the past twelve years, Dr. Sandy and I have supported our student candidates review for and pass the TExES 068; that is now changing. More and more of our questions sent via email, phone, Skype, and other devices are about the 268. Are we going to continue to review for this new exam? Yes. Will we be updating the PTK to meet the new testing challenge? Yes. Can we create support material for the new Constructed response questions? Of course.

Constructed response questions (C-R) are part of educational testing for teachers and school administrators in Texas. This type of question requires the test-taker to produce or construct the answer and are considered an additional measure to assess the test takers subject knowledge.

Multiple choice tests can measure factual knowledge, but C-R is used to measure such skills as:

  • The ability to organize thoughts into clearly planned communication while using appropriate language.
  • The ability to demonstrate higher level thinking skills while at the same time encouraging the use of such skills.

The point to remember when approaching the TExES 268 is to understand the first-year principal knowledge fully. That knowledge is based on the application of school policy, procedure and law as determined by TEA and the states manuals of operation.

When taking an exam with Constructed Response, you are expected to generate a correct answer (in the essay) from your expertise of knowledge on the subject. It is essential to use the appropriate vocabulary on C-R answers, the use of policy, data, and other factors must be present. When answering a C-R, it is vital that the student candidate be able to read the scenario or watch the video given and responds –as the administrator—in reference to the foreseen difficulty, weakness or other administrative concern. The application of specific policy or strategy to resolve the administrative concern must be included in the essay.

This new approach is to help the state determine whether the student candidate not only knows state policy, procedure and law; but rather, can they also explain in writing how to apply that knowledge to the betterment of the weak or novice teacher.

It is wise to understand this process thoroughly, and Dr. Sandy, and I have created new study formats that (hopefully) gives a clear description of how and what the test writer is wanting. That after all is the key to a testing instrument that gives four essays so much impact on the overall score. 

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Constructed Response Support
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