TEA Accreditation Report for 2015-2016

There are 140 accredited programs located in the state of Texas.  Of those who offer everything from Bachelors to Doctorate with all the required certification in between some did make the cut this year.

If you are using one of the following programs you might want to be aware of this report.

Education Program Provider (EPP)                                            Rated

21st Century Leadership                                                                Accredited –  Probation

Arlington Baptist College (Teacher Certification)                  Accredited – Warned

Concordia University                                                                    Accredited – Probation

Intern Teacher ACP                                                                       Accredited – Warned

iteach TEXAS                                                                                  Accredited – Warned

Jarvis Christian College                                                               Accredited – Probation

TeacherBuilder.com                                                                     Accredited – Warned

Texas College                                                                                 Accredited – Probation

Wiley College                                                                                 Accredited – Warned


TEA Accreditation Report for 2015-2016
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