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Principal Toolkit & Study Guide

Principal Toolkit & Study Guide, completely reinvented and updated for Texas Principal Certification Exam, TExES 268.

$ 49.95

Competency 1-11
Online Study Program

The CRES TExES 268 Online Study Program has been drastically redesigned and rebuilt to give you the tools you need to pass the TExES 268.
With the most advanced set of study material and test questions available within each of the 11 competencies.
Because of the interconnected nature of the 268 exam content, we only offer the Online Study Course with all 11 competencies.
Along with our CPE certified staff, you can feel confident we are behind you from start to finish!

$ 150.00 Monthly

Practice Exam Module (PEM)

Complete TExES 268 Principal Certification Testing Exam Module.  Practice your skills on over 1,000 detailed and professional reviewed questions.

$ 49.95 Monthly

TExES 268 Study Webinars

In an attempt to better serve the needs of our customers, we are in the process of switching to a new on-demand seminar-based system. The new system will allow you to review our seminar material at your leisure and not be required to stick to the demands of a scheduled event. The new online format will also give you the ability to review the content as many times as necessary, with the ability to pause and review as needed to be best prepared for the TExES 268. As always, CR Educational Services staff is here to answer questions that may arise. It is our goal to provide you with the absolute best solutions to get prepared for the TExES 268. Your success is our ultimate goal!

The New System Will Be Available February 2020  — If you are in need of immediate Review Seminar, contact — Dr. Sandy Cortez-Rucker at for assistance.

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