September 28th Webinar

TExES 268 Webcast along with the Principal Toolikit & Study Guide!

$ 138.95

TExES 268 Webcast


$ 89.95


All Candidates that attend the Webcast will receive FREE access to the CRES PEM (Practice Exam Module) for 30 Days. This includes over a thousand practice questions fully updated for the TExES 268 exam!

What Is A Webinar

Webinars are an online live video review between a CRES professor and you. The seminar is presented using Video Broadcast technology provided by the leader in distributed video conferencing. The Webinar can be joined from any device you wish be it a desktop computer, laptop, phone, tablet or connected TV. Simply download the application for your preferred device and join using the provided meeting ID on the day of your selected Webcast.
That’s it! It’s just that easy.

Note : All CRES professors are TEA certified CPE vendors

What To Expect During The Webinar

  • Shared presentations with detailed explanations of each section you will encounter on the 268 exam
  • Exam question examples along with detailed descriptions explaining what the question type is looking for and how best to approach applying your knowledge to solving the question. Just as an example, in many cases, candidates give the wrong answers to questions because they have not switched their thinking to that of a principal and attempt to answer questions from the teachers’ point of view.
  • In-Depth deep dive into the many facets of the TExES 268 Principal Certification Exam
  • Selected-Response discussion and Constructed-Response discussion

During The Webinar, The Professor Will Give You The Opportunity To:

  • Ask questions related to the exam and receive professional answers
  • Understand not only the answer itself but WHY a given solution is what the State is looking for on the exam.

Suggested Reading

During the seminar, we will be heavily referencing the TExES Principal Toolkit and Study Guide. While not required, we highly recommend that you purchase the book to attend the seminar.
To make sure you receive your book in time for the Webinar is highly suggested that you place your order no later than the Monday before the Webinar (That’s five days prior). All books are shipped out Priority Mail with the United States Postal Service and will arrive within the 5-day window if ordered in time.

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