Texas Principal’s Latest Legal Review

As one of your professors, I felt inclined to discuss with you a present issue that will be more and more in the limelight and thus in Texas School Law and our courts—-LGBTQ youth.  It is vital that you understand that you must follow the policy of your district when you respond to any issue.  Much like the Texas Principal did in suspending a male student for wearing makeup.  However, common sense and application of an understanding of today’s LGBTQ students must be in order when doing so.  It would have been wise for the principal to understand this thoroughly modern legal challenge and where he, as an individual, and where his job and the district fall into play.  Looking back—which always is more comfortable to do—it would have been wiser for the principal to follow the district policy but also have recommended some type of review of the districts present policy. As is now the case, that will be done for them in a Texas court, AND of course, they will lose.  Thus, the old adage I keep preaching when you, as a student candidate, must answer a question on the Texes 068.  Follow the policy, procedure, and law of the state and NOT your district.

I have recently been asked for advice on material for “quick” reference for a building principal and/or for a student candidate for certification.  Here are my recommendations.  Go to the site:  texaslegaldigest.com at the top of the header click on store.  Then open the next site, and you will see all the great materials offered to Texas Administrators and other professionals developed by legal professionals for our time—today.  I recommend the following “how to” laminated pamphlets:

Bullying Prevention for Students with Disabilities—greatadvice and options for you to know and use now for the exam and in the future.  LGBTQ: An Educators Guide is another great pamphlet that is very timely for today.  RTI—FAQ’s is also excellent along with the Sexual Harassment Guide.  Finally, a must is their Texas Documentation Handbook—6th edition.

Another area of importance is the understanding and application of the TTESS as the administrator.  More and more of the scenarios in the present and future exams will be over this area.  It is critical to the new direction the state is wishing to go with school administrators as leaders.  If you wish to support your understanding and learning to enhance your ability to pass the 068 then a thorough study of the document—TTESSfor Administrators is a must. All that we learned from the PDAS is now thoroughly entrenched within the new TTESS document.  Timely recommendation for the teacher—fromthe administrator’s point of view as the educational leader—are clearly explained in the manual.  It would be very wise to learn this material.

A NEW DIRECTION must be viewed when making decisions—“Fair and Balanced.”  Due to the present atmosphere in our public area, you will see a new group of legal challenges to decisions cut by school administrators and school administration.  Think about sexual harassment challenges.  A thorough, timely and delicate investigation along with detailed documentation will not only be required but a must. Not only for the one being harassed but also for the one accused.  The backlash is now present, and your documentation and skills will be the only thing positive for the accuser and the accused.  This process could and will be a career buster for you and your district.  Be very cautious.  This area, for our legal eagles, is the preverbal “blood in the water.” We have not heard the last but merely the beginning of this process for both bullying and harassment.

Texas Principal’s Latest Legal Review
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