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TeXes Principal Toolkit & Study Guide

TExES Principal Toolkit And Study Guide


Passing the TExES Principal Certification exam is not an easy task.  Dr’s. Vance and Sandy Cortez-Rucker understand this fact better than anyone else.  They have spent the past thirty years researching and implementing the most advanced and effective prep toolkit available.

This Principal Toolkit and Study Guide is the latest iteration in that endeavor.  This guide contains the most up to date and critical information available to help you succeed, not only at passing the TExES Principal Certification exam but beyond as you accept and execute in your first year as a Texas principal.

Unlike other test preparation guides available on the market, this guide does not focus on HOW to take the exam itself.  Instead, the focus is on the information you need to be successful, and how to apply said knowledge to the exam.  The TExES Principal Certification exam is constantly changing as laws, rules and guidelines are modified, as such it is impossible to pass the TExES without a true understanding of the information.

Dr’s. Vance and Sandy Cortez-Rucker feel that their proof of success on designing this guide can be summed up in two simple facts.  First, over the past ten years, they have worked with well over 20,000 students and second, during that time they were able to achieve the highest pass rate for candidates wishing to pass the TExES Principal Certification exam in the state.

This version has been updated for the last half of 2017 and contains the absolute latest information available.

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