The Living Entity We Call School

Many of my student candidates for the Texas Principal Certification still approach the living organism we call the public school as multiple layers of individual goals and objectives. This is far from the case. To accurately prepare the student candidate for the Texes 068 or the 268 the student must understand how all of these programs work together to complete the overall goal of the parents, campus, district, and the state—student academic success.

Let me give you a few examples: the novice teacher and the building administrator. All of the information must be understood by the student candidates and how it applies to a novice and/or weak teacher. This information is buttressed by the TTESS Rubric of the four domains. Add to that information the Professional Learning Community and its interaction with the novice and weak teachers, and you begin to understand what I mean. The addition of the Co-teaching process and its many parts must also be applied.

The building principal must know and understand how to apply these programs and evaluate for success. To be successful, the student candidate must understand all of the multiple parts of these programs and how they interact for the betterment of the campus and staff.

The principal’s state certification exam will ask you to understand such items as this program didn’t work, why? What may have been missing? What was not used? As the building principal you have many new novice teachers your approach in supporting them is? How will you evaluate what is or is not working?

Trying to learn support programs for weak or novice teachers without understanding how these programs work together will not produce success on the state exam. It is wise to view all of this material as a toolset to be used to support weak and novice teachers, and you (as the campus administrator) must understand the toolset.

The Living Entity We Call School
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